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Mike MacDonald

(Feb, 2004) Hi, and thanks for visiting. I've loved music for pretty near all my life and, despite a small dearth of talent, I've been playing since I was 12 or so. I was never properly trained, something I'll probably always regret. Though I've tried to "retrain" myself from time to time, my bad habits are pretty deeply ingrained. My father worked on moving trucks and, from time to time, we'd find a piano that someone didn't want in our home. I'd fool around on it trying to pick out tunes until it was sold. When I was 18, I bought a Thomas organ and a book of some Beatles tunes and forced myself to learn to play.

While in college, I also learned the recorder and then the flute. My teacher on the latter was lavish in his praise when he told me how he was beginning to almost be able to tell what I was trying to play. Naturally, I filled with pride at those words.

Through the years, I've owned a variety of keyboards and in the late 80's I began adding computers to the mix. I began recording via MIDI on a Commodore 64 and then on various IBM PC's and hardware based-sequencers. I currently own a Yamaha PSR-2000, a Studio Logic MIDI controller keyboard, a Yamaha MU-90R tone generator and some various other recording and audio equipment. In the past, I've owned equipment from Technics, Roland, Emu and others. I've also written professionally about MIDI and audio recording and have done a little studio consulting.

I hit a rather low point in my musical career during a "live audition." It was to be one song ("Aja") and I figured how hard can it be to play a couple of chords? A finger fumble led to stage fright or stage fright led to a finger fumble, either way, I choked bad and though I thought I recovered and played several notes near the end that were reasonably dead on, it was an humiliating experience. To this day, I've not totally recovered from that experience.

While I play as an amateur (and amateurishly!), I've become adept at using the keyboard to help me play music while letting the electronics help with some of my fingering. I was shocked to find out I was far from the only one ("never let 'em see your left hand!"). What the keyboard doesn't solve live for me, the built-in sequencer and/or the computer does. I'll often lay down a series of tracks, quantize the results, use copy and paste from the best takes and lean heavily on technology to produce music that I probably could not have otherwise created.

As part of the recording process, I enjoy arranging music and composing my own music. A song I wrote in 1999 beat out 10,000 other entries in a song-writing contest. Some of my music has been played as far south as Connecticut, as far north as Newfoundland and as far west as Saskatchewan. A talented pair of Canadian artists recorded a song I wrote (she wrote nearly all of the lyrics) over the summer of 2003 and I've been approached by a country artist about another song that I wrote.

I've come to accept that I'll probably not be the next Billy Joel or Paul Simon, but music is an important facet of my life and one that I enjoy sharing. I appreciate Joe's hosting of some of my music here.

Click on this link to download Mike's MIDI files:,

Title T TS L C Style V K
Amazing Grace806/8NN022k
And I Love Her1104/4NN073k
Another Day1104/4NN063k
Any Day Now1004/4NN032k
At The Hop1208/8NN022k
Bohemian Rhapsody1924/4NN063k
Born Free12016/16NN012k
Camptown Races1102/4NN012k
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You1004/4NNFrenchHouse043k
City Of New Orleans1004/4NN032k
Close To You8216/16NN043k
Come On Eileen12016/16NN032k
Don't Forget1004/4NN063k
Easy Come Easy Go1004/4NN053k
Fly Me To The Moon1204/4NN083k
For Your Love1404/4NN012k
Get High With A Girl Like You1154/4NN063k
Gimme Some Lovin'1204/4NN032k
Good Vibrations1004/4NY6-8Trance073k
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer1204/4NNSchlagerPop043k
Happy Wanderer, The1004/4NYPartyPolka053k
Hard Day's Night Funk, A1304/4NN022k
Hard Day's Night Funk, A1304/4NN073k
He Ain't Heavy764/4NY053k
Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again1204/4NN043k
I d Like To Get To Know Someone (c)1004/4NN073k
Indian Lake1004/4NYRockChaCha073k
In My Life1044/4NN083k
I Saw Her Standing There1004/4NN073k
I Think We're Alone Now1204/4NN022k
It's Not Unusual1208/8NN012k
I Will Survive2164/4NN073k
Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow, A924/4YN043k
Lonely Days854/4NN032k
Love Child10416/16NN083k
Mahogany Theme658/8NN082k
Make Those Wheels Go Round (c)1104/4YN082k
Mighty Wind, A964/4NN043k
Monkees Theme1204/4NN032k
Mr Lonely664/4NN022k
My Name Is Tallulah1064/4NN073k
My Way744/4NN012k
Needles And Pins1214/4NN083k
Over The Rainbow, Wonderful World1004/4NN083k
Reflections Of My Life1004/4NYEasyBallad063k
Riders In The Sky1202/4NN022k
She Loves You1208/8NN032k
She's Not There1208/8NN022k
Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely1204/4NYCool8Beat053k
Stars And Stripes Forever1208/8NN022k
Stripper, The1004/4NN043k
Sweet Talking Guy1524/4NYBubblegumPop063k
Tide Is High1004/4NYChartPop053k
Tie A Yellow Ribbon1684/4YN082k
Which Way You Goin', Billy (Piano)1104/4NN032k
While My Guitar Gently Weeps1208/8NN012k
You Belong To Me954/4NN063k
You Belong To Me (Country)1204/4NN022k
You Don't Own Me1763/4NY053k
You Got It1284/4NNRetroPop043k
You Needed Me1008/8NN063k
You've Got Your Troubles13116/16YN043k



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