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(Sep, 2007) - I was born and raised in Coos Bay, Oregon, and started playing keyboards at the age of six years. I was lucky enough to be taken on and tutored by Miss Norma Lyons, who had been a celebrated concert pianist across Europe, but was forced to retire due to a severe case of polio. I credit Miss Lyons for my love of music, and particularly keyboards.

At the age of 16, I left home to take an opportunity to play piano and sing with a touring Band. I’ve been playing music and singing with Bands, Trio’s and Duo’s as far back as I can remember. My musical travels took me all over the West Coast of America from Mexico in the South, to Alaska in the North. With my (now deceased) husband, we played as a Duo called ‘Badley Bent’ for nearly 25 years, based in Haines Alaska. We travelled all over that area, to Ketchikan, Dutch Harbor, Sitka, Juneau, and any place people needed music!

I enjoy playing most genres of music, and although I can read music, I prefer to play by ear, there is more creativity involved when you play from the heart. After 37 years of gigging, I’ve owned many keyboards, but over the last 7 years have been playing Yamahas. Firstly a 740, then a 2100, followed by a 9000, then a Tyros 1, a 9000 Pro, and recently I became one of the first owners of the new PSR S900, which I love! All of my music is played and recorded using the multi-track function. I feel this gives me the flexibility as an artist to make changes to any song, any time.

Presented, for your pleasure, is the music I create, and hope it brings you enjoyment…


September, 2013 - Sunny traded in her PSR-S910 and is now playing on the PSR-S750.

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