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(December 2012) My name is Larry Warner, age 92, and I am still playing around with my PSR-2100 keyboard. The first instrument I learned to play was the piano, then the clarinet, bassoon and oboe. I played in marching and concert bands and two symphony orchestras for a couple of years.

I lost about 38 years of music due to an injury of my right hand. I could not raise my wrist or fingers. I made a special outrigger brace to raise my fingers after I pulled down to play a key. I was back in business after all those years but could not play chords with the right hand. My Yamaha keyboard made up for that. I started playing at many rest and retirement homes and enjoyed it very much. Several years ago, illness in the family curtailed my playing at these places. Now I am trying to find time to offer songs to the Jukebox as the future will let me. I am starting with a set of Christmas Carols I recorded some years ago on my PSR-2100. The midi files are from the PSR-2100. Joe used his Tyros4 to created the MP3 files from the midi files.

MIDI Songs

You can download Larry's 19 Christmas MIDI songs here: