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I'm sorry to announce that Jerry passed away on Tuesday April 8th, 2014. He never fully recovered from a lung infection he had over a year ago, and a broken hip last year. -JW

(September, 2010) I started with the trumpet in grammer school and played it in the school band. I always liked country music so I switched to guitar so I could strum and sing. I spent 14 years playing and singing in a three-piece band but had to break it up due to a job transfer out of state.

I also played an accordian organ so I could pick up solo work on the side. There were a lot of job opportunities for singles. Seems like the accordians went out of style so I bought a keyboard (PSR-3000). This keyboard provided me with the greatest opportunities for entertaining.

Of course, during this time I was growing older and the luster of playing out was wearing off. But I do spend hours playing and singing at home. Every now and then I get the urge to go out again, I could use some extra money, but I usually don't go through with it. Maybe someday. That sure is a lot of work.

Recording for the forum is a great outlet and I can only hope you enjoy them. I did play a few jobs with the PSR-3000. The last one was a 4-hour job and I'm sure many of you know the story, hardly anyone there during the last set. As I was packing up and driving home it made me think twice about doing this again, I'm still thinking smile.

Jerry Ernst

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