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(November, 2008) Gary lives in Old Orchard Beach on the coast of southern Maine.

Musical Background - I was introduced to music when I started taking piano lessons as a youngster. In my early school days, I played the alto saxophone. In high school, our band was very active, and I played the baritone sax and occasionally had an opportunity to conduct the band. I considered pursuing a musical education following high school but plans changed and I joined the Navy for six years.

Over the years, I acquired two relatively basic organs and played for my own entertainment. I had not played for a considerable time until several years ago. Then, my father (a music lover who has always encouraged me) got a Kawai concert performer, and playing his new piano reawakened my enthusiasm for music. Since I have limited space in my home, I became curious about keyboards. About 18 months ago I went on-line and purchased a PSR 3000. I had no previous experience with such an instrument, and at first it was overwhelming. The capability and sound quality of this instrument exceeded anything I experienced previously. Fortunately, I found the PSR Tutorial site, and it proved to be a tremendous resource. The members have been extremely responsive and helpful.

I am but an amateur musician; however, like so many other keyboard enthusiasts here, I find myself playing at the keyboard until the wee hours of the morning. I look forward to many hours at the keyboard during these long, cold Maine winters! I hope you will find the music entertaining and I welcome your comments.

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