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(June, 2009) Hi, Everyone! My name is Eileen Lowry. I was born in 1936 and have been retired for a few years now. I started off with a Hammond organ about 25 years ago. I then had a Lowrey, Farfisa, Tecnics and Yamaha. My last organ was a Tecnics, which I swapped for the Yamaha 6700 keyboard. Since then, I have stuck to keyboards. I have had the Yamaha 7000, 8000, 9000, 9000pro, Tyros1, Tyros2, and now, the Tyros 3. I have also had Roland, Tecnics and Korg but have always come back to Yamaha.

I am mainly self-taught and I still gig. My one love is tweaking styles and setting up Registration banks. I have produced Instructional DVD's for the Tyros 1, Tyros2, and the Tyros3. I have written one or two songs and have a friend who sometimes writes me lyrics.

I have two children and two grandchildren aged six and nine. My husband is not musically inclined, but carries all my stuff about. He also does anything I want done on computer as I am not very good on those things. I much prefer to use the musical keyboard. Well, that's me folks.

[Note: Since 2009, Eillen has moved on to the Tyros4 and then the Tyros5 when it came out. Be sure to check out Eileen's style collections. - JW]

MP3 Songs

Tyros4 Tyros3
Almost Like A Song (vocal)
Born To Lose
The Entertainer
I Won't Last A Day Without You
Rhinestone Cowboy
September Morn
Til I Hear You Sing
Yankee Doodle
Another Opening Another Show
As Long As He Needs Me
Blue Star
Country Boy (v)
For Sentimental Reasons
Luck Be A Lady
The Music Played
Pennies From Heaven
The Song That I Sing
Together, Wherever We Go
Twilight Magic

MIDI Songs

You can download Eileen's 20 MIDI songs here: