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I am sorry to announce that Del Kay passed away on Monday, December 28, 2015. Del was a regular contributor to the PSR Tutorial and the Forum over many years. He will be sorely missed, but his music lives on here. - Joe W

(Jun, 2002) Del lives in San Diego, California. He is retired, married for 35 years, and has one adult son and daughter. "My son likes to play lead guitar and actually has a better ear than I do. My daughter doesn't play an instrument; but she was a 'CHARGER GIRL' cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers Football Team for six years, and got to travel a lot."

Musical Background. I love to play all kinds of music and started first on a 12-bass Accordian. However, when I went to take a lesson after getting a 120-bass Accordian, I was playing quite well, but was advised that I was playing it "backwards." (I'm left-handed) At about 20, I learned three chords on the guitar and progressed to a 12-string and then an Electric Guitar with a big Amp. I played only by ear and liked to accompany myself singing. A couple times, I was offered a spot in a small group; but had job conflicts. At about 30, I bought a Thomas Spinet Organ, then progressed to a Lowrey C-500 Console Organ, and currently have a WERSI Spectra Console Organ. I belong to a Home Organ Club; and we play at least two songs each month, at each others homes. I get to play on many different brands of organs.

About 4 years ago, I purchased a Yamaha PSR620 and loved it. I felt I could sound better on it than my full-sized Organ. I then upgraded to the Yamaha PSR740 and it is simply fantastic. The sounds and styles are everything I could want to have in an instrument. It is also very "User Friendly." Currently, I like to record all types of songs onto a floppy and use the PSR740's Vocal Harmoniser to record vocals onto a cassette tape. To me, they sound great, and I enjoy listening to them when travelling.

I have done free gigs for my Kiwanis Club, a Friend's Church Club, and at a couple of my 88 yr old Aunt's "Assisted Living" residences. They all really enjoy listening to what I play. I don't know if I have more enjoyment playing, or if they have more enjoyment listening. Anyhow, it's fun to do; and I can play, by ear, for hours at a time. Friends think I should do gigs for pay; however, right now, I'm an avid golfer with a 7.6 handicap. If I ever have to give up playing golf two or three times a week, I will probably do a lot of free gigs for Seniors with my keyboard. I have listed the style used with each title in the songs provided below. All are played by ear and recorded on the PSR-740.

(In early 2005, Del moved up to the PSR-3000. V35 is his first volume of songs produced on his new keyboard. In September, 2014, Del moved up to the Tyros4.)

MP3 Songs - Tyros4


MIDI Songs

Download all of Del's 620 MIDI files in four zip files. Songs created on the PSR-740 are here: and Songs created on the PSR-3000 are here: and .