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(Jul, 2009) Hello to everyone. My name is David and my wife and I live in a city just north of Worcester (pronounced Wos-ter) in the state of Massachusetts.

Musical Background: I have been playing music since the age of 14, when I purchased my first organ with my paper route money. It was a used Kimball organ with 2 keyboards and pedals and I knew I wanted to really learn how to play it. I started private lessons with a local teacher and continued on until I was about 22, when work got in the way.

Lucky for me I worked in a music store that sold Hammond organs, so I got to see all the latest keyboards and had a blast trying out all the sounds. I got to practice songs while also learning how to use the new organ features - and I got paid to do it. I did some playing professionally for a short while at private parties, which was good money at the time.

Eventually, the music business went south so I got a "real" job in municipal government that, 28 years later, I am still doing! I now play for my own enjoyment and for family. We still have a Hammond Aurora Classic, but I seem to only play my new Tyros 3 now. I added bass pedals and edited some bass voices for it and they sound great. I have had seven different Yamaha keyboards and I think that the Tyros 3 is the best. I can make it sound like my Hammond Organ, but so much more too.

I love most music, but really like to play big band, jazz, standards and latin tunes. It is so much fun to find a rhythm, style and voices that fit the song you are playing. I then store the settings in the Music Finder so it is always ready whenever you want it. No more writing setting and notes all over my music. I wish I had more time to practice and play my T3, I seem to get rusty really fast if I don't.

I hope you enjoy some of the songs I have recorded and placed on this great site. I have learned so much from reading the posts here and listening to many of the songs sent in by so many of you talented people. I have a lot of ideas for songs, now I just have to make the time to practice and play them. Enjoy!

Note: Dave sold his Tyros3 and moved up to the Tyros4 in January, 2011.

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