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Udo Becker
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E-mail: Udo Becker
Lower Saxony, Germany
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Tyros5 / Tyros4 / Tyros3

(May, 2012) Born in Germany. During my apprenticeship, I founded a band: 2 guitars, bass and drums. None of us had any theoretical musical knowledge, and we did not understand very much of the English lyrics we were singing.

Later on, I completed a technical and commercial degree and started finally my own business where I am still working. Due to my studies, my time was very limited so we stopped playing and, during the following years, I hardly touched my guitar at all.

When I served in the German Navy, I acquired a growing interest in sailing. I bought my first little 21-foot yacht in the UK and 10 years later I started to build a 34-foot aluminium yacht , which we still sail.

Since 1985 I have been happily married to Jill, my former English teacher from the UK. Almost too late, I remembered the great time with the guitar band and I started keyboard lessons in September 2009. I play only for family, friends and my own pleasure.

I love English humour and a good laugh and one of my favourite comedians is the American ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

Note: in 2014, Udo moved up to a Tyros5-76.