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Sunny Haddleton
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North Staffordshire, England

Sunny's Jukebox

See MP3 Index (below) to listen to and/or download all of Sunny's songs.

(Sep, 2007) - I was born and raised in CoosBay, Oregon, and started playing keyboards at the age of six years. I waslucky enough to be taken on and tutored by Miss Norma Lyons, who had beena celebrated concert pianist across Europe, but was forced to retire dueto a severe case of polio. I credit Miss Lyons for my love of music, andparticularly keyboards.

At the age of 16, I left home to take an opportunity to play piano and sing with a touring Band. I’ve been playing music and singing with Bands, Trio’s and Duo’s as far back as I can remember. My musical travels took me all over the West Coast of America from Mexico in the South, to Alaska in the North. With my (now deceased) husband, we played as a Duo called ‘Badley Bent’ for nearly 25 years, based in Haines Alaska. We travelled all over that area, to Ketchikan, Dutch Harbor, Sitka, Juneau, and any place people needed music!

I enjoy playing most genres of music, and although I can read music, I prefer to play by ear, there is more creativity involved when you play from the heart. After 37 years of gigging, I’ve owned many keyboards, but over the last 7 years have been playing Yamahas. Firstly a 740, then a 2100, followed by a 9000, then a Tyros 1, a 9000 Pro, and recently I became one of the first owners of the new PSR S900, which I love! All of my music is played and recorded using the multi-track function. I feel this gives me the flexibility as an artist to make changes to any song, any time.

Presented, for your pleasure, is the music I create, and hope it brings you enjoyment…


September, 2013 - Sunny traded in her PSR-S910 and is now playing on the PSR-S750.

Sunny's MIDI Song Index (click to open or close)

You can download all of Sunny's MIDI songs here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Always Been Crazy1504/4NY08S9
Amused (c)694/4NY04S9
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground684/4NYPianoBallad03S9
Another Day1244/4NY05S9
Auld Celtic Lang Syne863/4NY03S9
Autumn Leaves944/4NY04S9
Bach Minuet1264/4NY08S9
Bali Hai724/4NY06S9
Big Country1504/4NYWildWest02S9
Bill Bailey2244/4NYDixieland104S9
Blackberry Blossom824/4NY03S9
Brass Jam1554/4NN05S9
Celtic Medley884/4NY01S9
Delta Dawn784/4NY04S9
Devil's Hornpipe1052/4NY02S9
Far Away Places754/4NY08S9
Fifty Ways1374/4NY02S9
Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue1214/4NYHoedown04S9
Fly Like A Bird1334/4NY04S9
For Madeleine (c)704/4NYLoveSong03S9
From Russia With Love1183/4NY08S9
Georgia On My Mind604/4NY08S9
Glory Of Love1004/4NYMovieSwing07S9
God Bless The World754/4NY08S9
Green Door1554/4NY08S9
Happy Together1304/4NYBigBandMed203S9
Honkey Tonkin1154/4NY02S9
I Can See Clearly Now1324/4NY05S9
I Could Have Danced All Night834/4NY05S9
If I Were A Rich Man1404/4NYHardRock02S9
I Just Fall In Love Again724/4NYCountryBallad05S9
It's Too Late994/4NY06S9
Land Of Hope And Glory1074/4NY06S9
Lay Lady Lay554/4NY08S9
Let Me Be There1204/4NY01S9
Little Milkmaid (c)1304/4NY07S9
Living Circles (c)984/4NY06S9
Long Long Time, A664/4NY03S9
Love Letters1103/4NY02S9
Love Letters504/4NY04S9
Love Potion 91164/4NY06S9
Morning Rising924/4NY02S9
My Side Of The Street1454/4NY05S9
Never Too Late (c)1204/4NY07S9
Nothing To Lose (c)1324/4NY07S9
Peergynt Morning684/4NYRomanticBallad03S9
Pretty Woman1384/4NY05S9
Riders In The Sky1304/4NY01S9
Rockin' Wigwam1204/4NYHardRock01S9
Rocky Top Dixie1474/4NY04S9
Sam's Jam (c)1204/4NY07S9
Santa's Lane1444/4NY03S9
Something Stupid1804/4NY05S9
Speak Softly Love1074/4NY03S9
Sunny California1284/4NY07S9
Sweetheart Tree1004/4NN01S9
Talkin' In Your Sleep1204/4NY03S9
Tchaikovsky Medley904/4NYClassicPianoBld07S9
Thank You For Being a Friend944/4NYEasyBallad08S9
Thinking Of You754/4NY05S9
Truck Drvn Man1134/4NY01S9
Try A Little Tenderness1924/4NY07S9
Unchained Melody754/4NN01S9
Under The Boardwalk1064/4NY02S9
Wedding Of Maggie O'bryen (c), The1134/4NY06S9
We'll Meet Again904/4NYMovieSwing06S9
When You Wish Upon A Star754/4NY07S9
Where Is Your Heart734/4NY6-8Orchestral06S9
You Needed Me604/4NYSlow&Easy01S9
Your Baby Tonight1354/4NYSlowFox06S9


Sunny's MP3 Song Index (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the jukebox above. The list below is sorted alphabetically by song title. Click on any title to listen to and/or download the song.

Ailsa Craig (Tyros3) 12/27/2012

American Pride © (PSR-S900) 7/14/2012

Angels (PSR-S910) 9/27/2011

Autumn Leaves (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

Be My Love (Tyros3) 2/19/2013

Bill Bailey (PSR-S910) 9/27/2011

Brass Jam (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

Charade (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

Country Roads (PSR-S910) 9/24/2011

Delta Dawn (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

Devil Woman (PSR-S910) 9/24/2011

Dream (PSR-S750) 3/25/2014

Fifty Ways (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

Five Foot Two (PSR-S750) 9/22/2013

Five Foot Two (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

Fly Like a Bird (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

Glory of Love (PSR-S910) 9/24/2011

Gods Ame Blesrica (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

Grapefruit Juicyfruit (Tyros3) 3/7/2013

Happy Together (PSR-S900) 10/24/2011

I Will Wait For You (Tyros3) 6/28/2012

In The Garden (PSR-S750) 3/25/2014

MacPherson's Lament (Tyros3) 1/24/2013

Murphy's Medley (PSR-S750) 3/25/2014

My Way (PSR-S750) 9/9/2013

Piano Dreams © (Tyros3) 6/16/2012

Ride Of The Witch (PSR-S750) 3/25/2014

The Skye Boat Song (PSR-S910) 9/24/2011

Solfeggietto (PSR-S910) 9/24/2011

Somewhere In Time (PSR-S750) 3/25/2014

Speak Softly Love (PSR-S910) 9/27/2011

Sweet 16 (PSR-S750) 11/3/2013

The Wayward Wind (Tyros3) 1/24/2013

Words (PSR-S910) 9/27/2011

You'll Walk Alone (PSR-S910) 9/24/2011


Christmas Songs

Auld Lang Syne (Tyros3) 1/24/2013

Little Drummer Boy (PSR-S710) 12/22/2013

Oh Holy Night (PSR-S750) 11/26/2013