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Steen Smollerup Rasmussen
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Køge, Denmark

Steen's Jukebox

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(24 August 2011) - HI  everyone!  My name is Steen Smollerup Rasmussen and I was born in April 1947 and I now live in Køge – a town approximately 24 miles south of Copenhagen, Denmark. I worked as a regional sales manager until my retirement.

I started playing music when I was 9 – it was in the elementary school with a small flute (recorder). At the age of 14, I bought an accordion, but after two years, I sold it and bought a guitar. As many other boys did in the 60s, I had a dream to be the new Hank B. Marvin from The Shadows. I and two other boys formed a small band.

Steen playing at wedding party
Steen performing at a Wedding party.

Now we jump to 1980 where I bought my first of three Yamaha organs. I still have the model D65. Here in 2013 I sold my two vintage ELKA organs X705 and X1000 - they were too heavy to carry around.

In 2012, I began looking at Yamaha keyboards. In a second hand shop I bought a PSR-E403, and later a PSR-S550. Today, I have a PSR-S910 and also a Yamaha MM6.

I am a self-taught organ and keyboard player and, for the moment, I mostly play for fun, but I also have some small jobs at private parties.

Steen's MP3 Song Index (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Steen's songs are listed below alphabetically by title. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song.


Amapola (PSR-S910) 10/15/2013

Beautiful Brown Eyes (PSR-S910) 10/15/2013

Det Er Hammer Hammer Fedt (PSR-S910) 10/18/2013

En Ensom Mand (PSR-S910) 8/23/2013

Ensom Dame 40 Ar (PSR-S910) 8/23/2013

Fut I Fejemoget (PSR-S910) 10/18/2013

Haveje (PSR-S910) 10/15/2013

Himmelhunden (PSR-S910) 8/23/2013

Hvalborg (PSR-S910) 10/24/2013

Kald Det Kærlighed (PSR-S910) 11/5/2013

Memphis Tennessee (PSR-S910) 10/15/2013

Midt Om Natten (PSR-S910) 8/23/2013

Mig And Margrethe (clubbeat) (PSR-S910) 10/15/2013

Nyborders Pris (PSR-S910) 10/18/2013

Olsen Banden (PSR-S910) 10/15/2013

Party Medley (PSR-S910) 10/15/2013

Perfidia (PSR-S910) 10/15/2013

Red River Rock (PSR-S910) 10/18/2013

Susan Himmelbla (PSR-S910) 10/18/2013

Tom Dooley (PSR-S910) 10/18/2013

Velkommen I Den Gronne Lund (PSR-S910) 8/23/2013

Vuffeli Vov (PSR-S910) 8/23/2013

Christmas Songs

Der Er Noget I Luften (PSR-S910) 12/16/2013

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (PSR-S910) 12/20/2013

Silent Night Uptempo Blues (PSR-S910) 12/9/2013