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Peter Gasser
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E-mail: Peter Gasser
Hampshire, UK

Peter's Jukebox

See MP3 Index (below) to listen to and/or download all of Peter's songs.

Photo of Peter

(June, 2011) I live in Hampshire, UK with my wife. Our two sons have flown the nest, which gives me a spare room where I can play my keyboard and edit my photographs on the computer. I guess I was lucky and took early retirement when I had the chance at the age of 53. 

I was born in 1944 and learned the violin and recorder while at school and performed in the school orchestras where I was the youngest member. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with the violin and gave it up at the age of 14. I couldn’t face playing all that classical stuff and preferred to listen to those new chaps like Elvis, Buddy Holly, etc; it was the new age of music. I then made myself a guitar to be like them, but I could never play it properly.Peter at S900

I first met my wife Marilyn in a cycling club at the age of 16 and we have been married for 46 years. We bought a Casio mini keyboard for the eldest son when he was small so I naturally had to have a go on it. I guess I got the bug to play music again. I then acquired a Baldwin Fun Machine from our friends, who couldn’t play it. That was eventually part exchanged for a Technics KN350, then a KN800, KN1500, and a KN6000 until Technics ceased making keyboards. I now have a Yamaha PSR S900, which I love.

I am what I call a one-finger player; I rely on one-finger auto chord and OTS. I can not play by ear so I have to rely on reading the music, that is, as long as I know the tune. I would like to upgrade to a Tyros 4 but what a price and I’m not really that good a player. All my recordings are in real time using the USB recording facility; they haven’t been edited so you hear them warts and all.

Note: in July, 2013, Peter moved up to the Tyros4.

Peter's MP3 Songs (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Peter's songs are listed below alphabetically by title. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song.


1492 Conquest Of Paradise (PSR-S900) 3/25/2012

Apache (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

Back To Black (PSR-S900) 7/16/2012

Beautiful Noise (Tyros4) 8/31/2014

Blue Star (PSR-S900) 9/4/2011

Boy On A Dolphin (Tyros4) 3/29/2014

Cherish The Day (PSR-S900) 2/1/2013

Diana (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

A Different Corner (PSR-S900) 10/5/2011

Dio Come Ti Amo (Tyros4) 7/15/2017

Don't Stop The Dance (Tyros4) 6/30/2017

Endless Love (PSR-S900) 9/4/2011

Feel Like Making Love (PSR-S900) 3/25/2012

The Fool On The Hill (PSR-S900) 1/5/2012

From A Jack To A King (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

Get Down Tonight (PSR-S900) 9/4/2011

Goin' Out Of My Head (PSR-S900) 1/5/2012

The Green Door (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

How Do You Keep The Music Playing (Tyros4) 9/10/2013

I Who Have Nothing (Tyros4) 8/19/2013

I'll Be There (PSR-S900) 9/4/2011

I'm Telling You Now (Tyros4) 7/17/2013

I've Got You Under My Skin (PSR-S900) 1/5/2012

If You Go Away (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

It Was A Very Good Year (Tyros4) 8/19/2013

Johnny Remember Me (Tyros4) 7/17/2013

Just Walking In The Rain (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

The Last Farewell (PSR-S900) 2/17/2012

Let The Heartaches Begin (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

Love Is The Drug (Tyros4) 6/30/2017

Mad World (PSR-S900) 2/1/2013

Memories Are Made Of This (PSR-S900) 10/5/2011

Midnight In Moscow (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

Miss You Nights (PSR-S900) 2/17/2012

More Than Ever (PSR-S900) 10/30/2011

My Love (PSR-S900) 10/30/2011

My Special Angel..Where The Boys Are (Tyros4) 5/5/2014

My Valentine (Tyros4) 7/15/2017

New World In The Morning (PSR-S900) 2/17/2012

Nights_In_White_Satin (Tyros4) 1/11/2014

Nine Million Bicycles (Tyros4) 8/31/2014

Out Of Reach (PSR-S900) 10/30/2011

Rock Ferry (PSR-S900) 7/16/2012

Run For Cover (PSR-S900) 10/30/2011

Sailing (Tyros4) 3/29/2014

Skyfall (PSR-S900) 10/15/2012

So Why So Sad (PSR-S900) 10/5/2011

Softly As I Leave You (PSR-S900) 3/25/2012

Souvenir De Chine (PSR-S900) 9/4/2011

Sunny Afternoon (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

A Taste Of Honey (PSR-S900) 1/5/2012

Telstar (PSR-S900) 10/5/2011

Thank Heaven For Little Girls..Go Away L Girl (Tyros4) 5/5/2014

Vaya Con Dios (PSR-S900) 9/4/2011

Walk Away (Tyros4) 9/10/2013

Wandrin' Star (PSR-S900) 1/5/2012

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (PSR-S900) 10/5/2011

White Flag (PSR-S900) 6/16/2012

Whole Again (PSR-S900) 10/30/2011

With These Hands (Tyros4) 3/29/2014

The World Is Not Enough (PSR-S900) 9/11/2012

You Belong To Me (PSR-S900) 7/31/2011

You Know I'm No Good (PSR-S900) 6/16/2012

You Only Live Twice (PSR-S900) 9/11/2012