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Patrick Hannequin
New Caledonia

Patrick's S910 Jukebox

(See MP3 listing below for downloads or comments.)

(August, 2010) Patrick has been providing styles on the PSR Tutorial forum for some time now. You can find a selection of the styles he has tweaked on his PSR3000 and now on his PSR-S910 on Patrick's Collections page.

Beside creating styles, Patrick also likes to compose songs. The Jukebox here has several of Patrick's songs. They illustrate some of the styles and let you hear and enjoy Patrick's creations.

I've written about 60 songs at the moment: slows, bossas, sambas, zouks, tahitian music, reggae, a lot of them are about my island, New Caledonia. Of course all the song and style titles are in french; perhaps the members will find some nice styles here.

-- cheers, Patrick


Patrick's MIDI Song Index (click to open or close)

You can download all of Patrick's MIDI songs here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Aujourd'hui ou demain1104/4NY0191
Ce soir1244/4NY0391
Dis-moi Tiaou1202/4YY0291
Ecoute mon coeur1164/4NY0191
En mer le matin982/4NY0191
Images du Caillou1404/4NY0291
La chanson des 4 elements1054/4NY0291
La danse des fleurs1304/4NY0291
La samba sous les cocotiers1104/4NY0291
La valse des amoureux1963/4NY0291
La valse du lagon1803/4NY0191
La vie a tes cotes684/4NY0391
Le chachacha de la mer1244/4NY0291
Le debut des vacances1204/4NY0391
Le matin1304/4NY0391
Le vieux Broussard1954/4YY0291
Lumieres sur la Terre1314/4NY0191
Ma maison my house1354/4NY0391
Ma nuit d'Halloween1384/4NY0391
Ma sirene du lagon1954/4NY0291
Mon chien mon ami1144/4NY0191
Mon enfance sur mon ile1104/4NY0391
Mon jour de fate1404/4NY0391
My blue island8812/8NY0391
Passe le cap1114/4NY0191
Poesie de Noel1004/4NY0191
Vers les Etoiles1304/4NY0191



Patrick's MP3 Songs and Comments (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Patrick's MP3s are listed below alphabetically. Click on the song title to download the song.


Arrête de fumer! (PSR-3000) 11/14/2009

Belle Île (PSR-3000) 9/19/2011

Ce Soir (PSR-S910) 8/8/2010

Couleurs de notre ile (PSR-3000) 11/14/2009

La Ballade De l'eau (PSR-S910) 10/23/2010

Le Vampire d'Halloween (PSR-S910) 10/23/2010

Mon Enfance Sur Mon île (PSR-3000) 11/14/2009

Mon jour de fête (PSR-S910) 8/8/2010

Vers les etoiles (PSR-S910) 9/19/2011