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Mark Styles
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E-mail: Mark Styles
New York, NY

Mark's Jukebox

See MP3 Index (below) to listen to and/or download all of Mark's songs.

Photo of Mark Styles

Musical Background

(January, 2011) Mark has been involved with synthesizers and music since the 60's. Originally from Boston, he worked for two of the pioneering synthesizer manufactors, ARP and MOOG. He played in several bands, did commercial and soundtrack work, and produced and engineered at two of Boston’s first 24-track studios. Mark worked and toured with Todd Rundgren and Utopia throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.

In the 80’s Mark moved to NYC. He continued doing soundtrack work, producing local acts for independent record labels. He did music for the 1982 World’s Fair and worked at Voyetra, creating the first commercial sequencing software for PC's.

In the mid 80's, Mark became vice-president of special projects at DISCONET. Some of his credits include: Rainy, I Can Fly; Hazell Dean, Turn It Into Love on Capital Records; Sharron Redd, I Specialize In Love;, Isley/ Jasper/ Isley, 8th Wonder Of the World on CBS records; Patrick Cowley, Menergy; Paradise, Over the Rainbow on Hot Tracks and Loading Bay Records; Vicki Shepard, Somewhere on Let the Music Play and Loading Bay Records; and Gino Socci, Dancer.

Mark has also composed more than two albums worth of material for 'OMNI MUSIC' one of the top music library services in the US. He also had an album of New Age music released, Solestas on Periodic Music. He has done numerous productions for NYC multi-media companies, and HBO. He has continued to the present working and creating music of all types for a variety of clients.

Be sure to visit Mark on his myspace page.

Mark's MP3 Songs (click to open or close)


Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. Mark's songs are listed below alphabetically by title. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song.


20th Century Limited © (Tyros4) 4/29/2012

Another Time Another Place © (Tyros4) 11/3/2013

Any Day Now (Tyros4) 12/23/2012

Blue Carnations © (Tyros4) 7/4/2013

Breaking Stride © (Tyros4) 1/31/2012

Cafe Talk © (Tyros4) 11/30/2012

Can We Still Be Friends (Tyros4) 8/31/2011

Can We Still Be Friends Reggae (Tyros4) 1/31/2012

Caribbean Queen (Tyros4) 11/30/2012

Central Park West © (Tyros4) 11/30/2012

Clouds © (Tyros4) 7/24/2013

The Crossing Field © (Tyros4) 11/30/2011

Crossing Over © (Tyros4) 11/30/2012

Crush (Tyros4) 7/14/2012

Drive (Tyros4) 7/31/2012

Emily's Dream © (Tyros4) 12/23/2012

Fairhaven © (Tyros4) 3/30/2013

Fathers Day © (Tyros3) 7/31/2012

Fool If You Think It's Over (Tyros4) 4/17/2012

Harlem River Road (vocal) © (Tyros4) 5/29/2012

Henrietta Hudson © (Tyros4) 3/31/2013

Hold On (v by Sade Pendarvis) © (Tyros4) 12/9/2013

Hold On To Love (v by Melvin Greenwich) © (Tyros4) 11/13/2013

If You Don't Know Me (vocal) (Tyros4) 10/29/2011

If You Don't Know Me v2 (vocal) (Tyros4) 1/29/2012

It's A Family Affair (Tyros4) 10/27/2011

Itchycoo Park (Tyros4) 12/9/2013

Just One Look (Tyros4) 11/30/2012

Lady Of The Gardens © (Tyros4) 6/30/2013

Lena © (Tyros4) 11/30/2011

Let's Stay Together (Tyros4) 3/20/2012

The Looking Glass © (Tyros4) 12/9/2013

Love © (Tyros4) 5/9/2012

Me And Mrs Jones (vocal by Seven Moshod) (Tyros4) 9/29/2013

Memories © (Tyros4) 11/30/2012

Moments © (Tyros4) 3/1/2012

Mountain Meadow © (Tyros4) 11/30/2012

Nature Of The Game (vocal-Wolf Johnson) © (Tyros4) 7/31/2012

Odd Behavior © (Tyros4) 5/12/2013

Odessa Blue © (Tyros4) 5/20/2012

Old Orchard Beach © (Tyros3) 1/31/2012

Penny Lane (Tyros4) 7/31/2013

The Pleasure Of Your Smile © (Tyros4) 6/7/2012

Rachel And Rebecca © (Tyros4) 5/20/2013

Ring My Bell (Tyros3) 9/7/2011

Sands Of Time © (Tyros4) 7/14/2012

School Days © (Tyros4) 6/18/2012

The Secret Doctrine © (Tyros4) 10/9/2013

A Shade Of Truth © (Tyros4) 4/17/2012

Sisters © (Tyros4) 9/15/2011

The Spectral Forest © (Tyros4) 9/8/2013

Steppin' Out © (Tyros4) 11/30/2011

Sunday Afternoon © (Tyros4) 3/30/2013

Superstar (Tyros4) 8/17/2013

Tangerine Doves © (Tyros4) 8/28/2013

WestWood Lane © (Tyros4) 2/19/2013

Without You (Tyros4) 3/7/2013

York Beach Maine © (Tyros4) 11/30/2012

You Make Me Feel Brand New (Tyros4) 4/29/2012

You Make Me Feel Brand New (Tyros4) 11/30/2012