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John Vishnoff
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Ibague, Colombia

John's Jukebox

See MP3 Index (below) to listen to and/or download all of John's songs.


* The songs in Volume 10 include lyrics except Cuando vuelva a tu lado, Como han pasado los años, and Gota de lluvia.

(January 2005) My name is Johannes "John" Vishnoff and I was born in 1945 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, not to far from a "bridge too far." I am now living in Ibague, Colombia and have been retired for over two years. I am married with Rocio and we have three grown up children, all like father, with no musical affinity. I am a medical doctor, an anesthesiologist, and have been living in Colombia now for over 40 years. I retired from the Colombian Social Security but am still active with my private practice, and yes, with more time to spend at the keyboard.

Musical Background: My musical background is Null, the only thing I can remember is my mother singing in the kitchen while cooking for the family (and she still does). At the age of 15, for my birthday, I was given an acoustic guitar and started learning the basic chords and singing old German, Dutch and country songs along with my grandparents, family and friends. One year later we moved to Colombia and here there was no place for those songs. So I learned then the Boleros and Rancheras (Mariachis) and played with friends at home, specially during parties and after a few drinks!
John at 3000 keyboardBefore I retired, my wife gave me a PSR-2000 keyboard, (which I changed at the black-market for a 2100 and, now, the 3000), so I wouldn't get bored spending so much time at home and she was right! As with the guitar, I began learning the chords and listening to the different styles and started singing along while playing the left hand (chords) only. I soon realized that with the guitar I played to the tempo of my voice (song), but here you had to sing to the tempo of the keyboard. Learning to read music and playing the right hand became priority number one! Then, for me, a miracle happened, I found Joe Waters' PSR Tutorial page, and started learning more about music, chords, combination of voices, multi-pads, counting the tempos, the keyboard itself, etc and listening to all those magnificent performers. So thank you Joe and PSR Performers, you have all been teachers (maestros) to me. Special thanks to Del and Ton who encouraged me to keep going on, for the advices and their patience.

I am a beginner (rookie), having fun while learning and playing for myself, comments and advices are always welcome. My dad used to say "one is never too old to learn!"

P.S. For those who love Golf and Amateur Radio, my handicap is 18 and my call HK6HFY.

November 2008 Update - John now has a Tyros2 and a new email (shown above). Volume 10 includes both PSR-3000 and Tyros2 songs. - JW

January 2011 Update - John has the new Tryos4 and sent in his first two T4 recordings: Luna Rosa and Noches de Cartegena. - JW

John's MIDI Song Index (click to open or close)

You can download all of John's MIDI songs here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
Always In My Heart1204/4NY013k
Amor Eterno994/4NY023k
Anema E Core854/4YY083k
Beim Kronenwirt1903/4NY023k
Besame Mucho1104/4NY063k
Blue Bayou1084/4NY023k
Blue Christmas1144/4YY073k
Bridge Over Troubled Water754/4NYEasyBallad053k
Can't Help Falling In Love684/4YY063k
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny1354/4NY033k
Chantilly Lace1684/4YY10T2
Cold Cold Heart1204/4NY043k
Como Han Pasado Los Años764/4NY103k
Contigo En La Distancia844/4NY043k
Cuando Calienta El Sol684/4NY053k
Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado904/4NY10T2
Cuesta Abajo (c)1154/4YY083k
Damisela Encantadora1653/4NY023k
Die Lorelei953/4NY043k
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes1954/4NY043k
En Mi Viejo San Juan934/4YY10T2
Etude Chopin704/4NYClassicPianoBld043k
Gota De Lluvia1343/4NY103k
Gypsy Violins1154/4NY013k
Hacia El Calvario953/4YY073k
Hawaiian Wedding Song854/4NY033k
Heimwee Nao Limburg1203/4NY053k
Help Me Make It Through The Night844/4YY093k
Historia De Un Amor1104/4YY073k
Ich Liebe Das Leben1054/4NY043k
I Love Paris1044/4NY083k
I Love You Because1054/4NYCountrySwing1013k
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles1153/4NY053k
Jurame (c)904/4YY083k
La Casita1254/4NY033k
La Comparsa1264/4NY053k
Lamento Borincano1204/4NY033k
Les Patineurs1803/4NY073k
Limburg Allein1054/4NY023k
Limeña (c)1453/4YY083k
Little Darlin'1424/4YY60sGuitarPop10T2
Lo Que Me Gusta De Ti (c)904/4YY083k
Los Dos1004/4NY053k
Mary Ann1354/4NY073k
Meisje Met Rode Haren1704/4NY033k
Me Llevaras En Ti1103/4YY093k
Melodia De Arrabal1154/4NY033k
Mi Buenos Aires Querido804/4NY043k
Mil Besos W Lyrics904/4YY063k
My Funny Way Of Laughing (c)1564/4YY083k
My Way834/4NY023k
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien924/4YY073k
No Teardrops Tonight1204/4NY013k
One Has My Heart The Other Has My Name1144/4YY10T2
Op De Woelige Baren1763/4NY033k
Puppet On A String1164/4YY10T2
Que Seas Feliz904/4NY013k
Ramblin' Rose1204/4YY093k
Roses Are Red My Love954/4NY6-8Orchestral093k
Sabor A Mi1154/4NY033k
Sabras Que Te Quiero964/4NY073k
Schone Maid1124/4YY093k
So Ein Tag1404/4NY023k
Solang Der Alte Peter1793/4NY013k
Spanish Harlem1104/4YY10T2
Take These Chains From My Heart1264/4YY10T2
Tango Negro1104/4YY093k
Tango Of Roses1204/4YY063k
Tear In My Beer1304/4NY023k
Tirol, Tirol, Tirol1284/4NYOberPolka063k
Traicionera (c)1064/4YY083k
Unicamente Tu1104/4NY023k
Vereda Tropical1054/4NY013k
Vjetsjerny Zvon1004/4NY063k
Volare W Lyrics1104/4YY073k
Weisse Rosen Aus Athen1264/4NY043k
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again1404/4NY053k
Y And944/4YY073k
Yira Yira1164/4NY093k
You're My Best Friend (c)1324/4YY083k
Zwoele Avond In Amsterdam1524/4NY013k

John's MP3 Song Index (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the jukebox above. The list below is sorted alphabetically by song title. Click on any title to listen to and/or download the song.

Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen (Tyros4) 4/30/2015

Among My Souvenirs (Tyros2) 7/10/2010

At My Front Door (Tyros4) 7/24/2013 - This is a "Doo-Wop" from the 50's. It's a short song and I used the 9K BBshuffle Style that Joe converted for the T4.

Blue Mountain (Tyros4) 11/18/2015

C'est si Bon (Tyros4) 4/30/2015

Candy (Tyros4) 3/30/2015

Capri Fischer (Tyros2) 7/10/2010

Capullito de Alheli (Tyros4) 2/17/2011

Como Han Pasado Los Años (Tyros4) 9/29/2012

De Smokkelaar (The Smuggler) (Tyros4) 7/24/2011

Du kannst nicht immer 17 sein - You Can't Always Be 17 - (Tyros4) 4/30/2015

Fiesta Mexicana (Tyros2) 11/7/2010

For All We Know (Tyros4) 10/15/2015

Gern Hab Ich Die Frau'n Gekusst With Pleasure Did I Kiss the Women (Tyros4) 9/14/2012 - This song is from Franz Lehar's operette Paganini.

Harbor Lights (Tyros4) 3/30/2015

Heartaches By The Numbers (Tyros4) 9/17/2012

Heut' kommen d'Engerln auf Urlaub nach Wean Today the Angels will come to Vienna on Vacation (Tyros4) 7/23/2013

I Left My Heart In San Francisco (Tyros4) 9/17/2012

Ik dans met jou, mijn Amsterdam I dance with you, My Amsterdam (Tyros4) 3/31/2015

Lass die Sonne in dein Herz Let the Sun Into Your Heart (Tyros4) 10/15/2015 (German song)

Luna Rosa (Tyros4) 1/22/2011

Meine Kleiner Gruner Kaktus (Tyros2) 11/7/2010

Mijn Jongen My Boy (Tyros4) 10/15/2015 (Dutch song)

Noches de Cartagena (Tyros4) 1/22/2011

Ouwe Taale (Tyros4) 2/17/2011

Play A Simple Melody (Tyros4) 4/30/2015

Rote Rosen, Rote Lippen, Roter Wein (TYros4) 7/10/2010

Schneewalzer (Snow Waltz) (Tyros4) 3/31/2015

Sieben Fasser Wein Seven Setters Wine (Tyros4) 9/11/2013 (German song)

Soerabaja (Tyros4) 3/31/2015 (Indonesian song)

Tanzen Mocht Ich (Tyros2) 11/28/2010

There Is A Tear In My Beer (Tyros2) 8/23/2010

Waarom waarom waarom heb jij me laten staan Why, Why, WHy Did You Leave Me Standing? (Tyros4) 9/11/2013 (Dutch song)

Wien Du Stadt Meiner Traume (Tyros2) 8/23/2010

Who's Sorry Now (Tyros4) 3/30/2015

Zwei Spuren im Schnee Two tracks in the snow (Tyros4) 3/31/2015