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Gloria Hanson
Scottsdale, Arizona

Gloria's Jukebox

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(Feb, 2009) I live in Arizona with my husband who plays guitar and bass and our dog who "thinks" he plays keyboard! I've played piano, accordion, organ, guitar thru the years and now play a PSR-3000. I am thoroughly fascinated by all the variety this "one man orchestra" has and have enjoyed sharing and learning with other members of this wonderful PSR Tutorial!

I was active in the exciting years of The Accordion Orchestras, participating with Pietro Deiro, Charles Magnante in New York and Palmer-Hughes duo from the University of Houston. I studied in Minnesota where my "unknown future husband" was a partner in a music studio. After marriage, we did some entertaining and started our own music studio in Owatonna, Minnesota. Now 53 years later, I'm still working for "that man!"

Note: in 2010, Gloria upgraded to the PSR-S910. - JW


Gloria's MIDI Songs (click to open or close)

Download all of Gloria's MIDI files here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
ABBA Medley 115 4/4 N Y 01 3k
America Medley 90 4/4 N Y 03 91
Battlel Hymn Of The Republic 86 4/4 N Y 03 91
Battle Hymn Of The Republic 86 4/4 N Y ModBrdwayBld 01 3k
Blue Danube Waltz 150 4/4 N Y VienneseWaltz1 02 3k
Boxnet Blues 98 4/4 N Y BluesRock 01 3k
California Dreamin' 102 4/4 N Y 60s8Beat 02 3k
Comedians Dance 122 4/4 N Y 01 3k
Dance Of Sarasvati 80 4/4 N Y ClubDance 01 3k
Domino Medley 155 3/4 N Y 01 3k
Don't Cry For Me Argentina 80 4/4 N Y Tango1 01 3k
Dream Catcher 100 4/4 N Y Ibiza2004 02 3k
Eres Tu Catch The Wind 95 4/4 N Y Rumba 01 3k
God Bless America 95 4/4 N Y 03 91
Grand Old Flag Medley 120 4/4 N Y Showtune 03 91
Lyin' Eyes 135 4/4 N Y 01 3k
Memory 47 4/4 N Y 6-8Orchestral 02 3k
Military Medley 112 4/4 N Y 6-8March 03 91
Moonlight Sonata 50 4/4 N Y Moonlight6-8 02 3k
Moon River 93 4/4 N Y SwingWaltz 02 3k
More 100 4/4 N Y Beguine 02 3k
Music Box Dancer 100 4/4 N Y SchlagerBeat 02 3k
Oh Shenandoah 96 4/4 N Y 03 91
Old Piano Roll Blues 70 4/4 N Y PubPiano 02 3k
Phantom Of Rock Opera 110 4/4 N Y J-Pop2 01 3k
Star Spangled Banner 92 4/4 N Y USMarch 03 91
Summertime 80 4/4 N Y CoolJazzBallad 02 3k
Ths Land Is Your Land 170 4/4 N Y HeartBeat 03 91
When Joynny Comes Marching 86 4/4 N Y 03 91
Yankee Doodle Dandy 163 4/4 N Y Bebop 03 91


Gloria's MP3 Songs (click to open or close)


Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. Gloria's MP3s are listed below alphabetically. Click on the song title to download the song.


ABBA - Gimme, Gimme (PSR-S910) 5/10/2012

Abba Medley (PSR-S910) 6/14/2015

Adios Amigo2 (PSR-S910) 1/31/2012

Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen (PSR-S910) 2/4/2011

Amigos Para Siempre (PSR-S910) 8/18/2012

Anniversary Waltz 57 (PSR-S910) 11/28/2012

Bach Rocks Toccata Dm (PSR-S910) 10/15/2015

Beethoven Rocks! (PSR-S910) 10/15/2015

Beethoven's Disco (PSR-S910) 6/14/2015

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (vocal) (PSR-S910) 2/10/2015

Black Magic Woman (PSR-S910) 10/15/2015

Black Magic Woman (PSR-S910) 8/11/2015

Blue Moon (PSR-S910) 5/10/2011

Blue Skirt Waltz (vocal) (PSR-S910) 3/30/2015

Blue Suede Shoes (PSR-S910) 2/21/2015

Bye Bye Blues Boogie (PSR-S910) 2/21/2015

Bye Bye Blues Boogie (PSR-S910) 4/27/2011

Can't Help Falling In Love v2 (PSR-S910) 8/6/2013

Can't Help Falling In Love (PSR-S910) 2/12/2011

Carioca Rumba (PSR-S910) 2/10/2015

Cinema Paradiso (PSR-S910) 2/10/2015

Comedian's Dance (PSR-S910) 6/14/2015

Dance Of Sarasvati (PSR-S910) 2/10/2015

A Day In The Life Of A Fool (PSR-S910) 6/14/2015

A Day In The Life Of A Fool (PSR-S910) 10/6/2012

Delia (vocal) (PSR-S910) 5/4/2013

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (PSR-S910) 2/10/2015

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (duet with Barry) (PSR-S910) 7/21/2013

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (PSR-S910) 2/25/2011

Even Now (PSR-S910) 3/30/2015

Forget Domani (PSR-S910) 4/1/2011

From The Vine Came The Grape (PSR-S910) 4/16/2011

Funiculi,Funicula (PSR-S910) 2/21/2015

Fur Elise Boogie (PSR-S910) 6/14/2015

Galway Pipers and Galway Races (PSR-S910) 3/15/2011

Halloween 2015 In The Hall (PSR-S910) 10/15/2015

Have I Told You Lately (vocal) (PSR-S910) 4/28/2015

I Fall To Pieces (vocal) (PSR-S910) 4/28/2015

I Fall To Pieces (PSR-S910) 2/24/2012

I Have A Dream (vocal) (PSR-S910) 4/28/2015

An Irish Blessing (PSR-S910) 3/20/2012

Islands In The Stream (vocal) (PSR-S910) 2/10/2015

James Last Medley (PSR-S910) 10/15/2015

Jesus Christ Superstar (PSR-S910) 4/21/2011

Lady Of Spain (PSR-S910) 10/16/2015

Last Farewell (PSR-S910) 4/28/2015

Lyin' Eyes (vocal) (PSR-S910) 6/11/2013

The Meadow (PSR-S910) 8/11/2015

Military Medley (PSR-S910) 5/26/13

Moon Shadow (PSR-S910) 2/21/2015

Moulin Rouge (PSR-S910) 3/29/2012

Nella Fantasia (PSR-S910) 7/21/2012

Only Time (PSR-S910) 6/11/2013

Phantom of Rock Opera (PSR-S910) 11/29/2011

Quentin's Theme 2 (PSR-S910) 6/14/2015

Quentin's Theme (PSR-S910) 2/21/2015

Rhythm Of The Rain (PSR-S910) 6/11/2013

Singing In The Rain (PSR-S910) 1/23/2011

Sisters (vocal - duet with Elaine) (PSR-S910) 3/30/2015

Somewhere In Time (PSR-S910) 8/11/2015

Song From Secret Garden (PSR-S910) 6/11/2013

Song of India (PSR-S910) 3/6/2016

Star Spangled Banner (PSR-S910) 6/30/2012

Via Dolorosa (vocal) (PSR-S910) 3/30/2015

When I Need You (PSR-S910) 10/15/2015

When Johnny Comes Marching Home (PSR-S910) 5/28/2011

When You Tell Me That You Love Me (PSR-S910) 4/15/2016

Yankee Doodle Medley (PSR-S910) 7/1/2011

Your Cheating Heart (vocal) (PSR-S910) 4/28/2015

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (vocal) (PSR-S910) 11/23/2015

Christmas Songs

Away In A Manger - Silent Night (PSR-S910) 12/3/2014

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (vocal) (PSR-S910) 11/23/2015

Jingle Bell Rock (PSR-S910) 12/3/2014

Mele Kalikimaka (PSR-S910) 12/1/2014

Merry Christmas Polka (vocal) (PSR-S910) 12/15/2014

Snowlady (vocal) (PSR-S910) 12/1/2014

Winter Wonderland (vocal) (PSR-S910) 12/3/2014

Winter Wonderland (Gloria & Ernie) (PSR-S910) 12/11/2014