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Gary Kilby
Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Gary's Jukebox

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(November, 2008) Gary lives in Old Orchard Beach on the coast of southern Maine.

Musical Background - I was introduced to music when I started taking piano lessons as a youngster. In my early school days, I played the alto saxophone. In high school, our band was very active, and I played the baritone sax and occasionally had an opportunity to conduct the band. I considered pursuing a musical education following high school but plans changed and I joined the Navy for six years.

Over the years, I acquired two relatively basic organs and played for my own entertainment. I had not played for a considerable time until several years ago. Then, my father (a music lover who has always encouraged me) got a Kawai concert performer, and playing his new piano reawakened my enthusiasm for music. Since I have limited space in my home, I became curious about keyboards. About 18 months ago I went on-line and purchased a PSR 3000. I had no previous experience with such an instrument, and at first it was overwhelming. The capability and sound quality of this instrument exceeded anything I experienced previously. Fortunately, I found the PSR Tutorial site, and it proved to be a tremendous resource. The members have been extremely responsive and helpful.

I am but an amateur musician; however, like so many other keyboard enthusiasts here, I find myself playing at the keyboard until the wee hours of the morning. I look forward to many hours at the keyboard during these long, cold Maine winters! I hope you will find the music entertaining and I welcome your comments.

Gary's MIDI Song Index (click to open or close)

You can download all of Gary's MIDI songs here:

Title T TS L C Style V K
All The Way764/4NY033k
Angel Eyes1344/4NY063k
Becase He Lives944/4NY073k
Bidin' My Time1204/4NY043k
Birth Of The Blues1124/4NY033k
Blue Bayou1004/4NY053k
Bridge Over Troubled Water984/4NY023k
But Not For Me1304/4NY033k
By Heart634/4NY063k
Can't Smile Without You1024/4NY043k
Chattanooga Choo Choo1364/4NY043k
Come Fly With Me1444/4NY033k
Daddy Don't Walk So Fast944/4NY013k
Ebb Tide724/4NY043k
Entertainer, The1504/4NY043k
Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue1654/4NY033k
Fun Fun Fun1524/4NY023k
Getting To Know You1264/4NY013k
Give My Regards To Broadway2004/4NY043k
Great Pretender864/4NY023k
Hawaiian Wedding Song964/4NY013k
He Touched Me884/4NY073k
High Hopes1254/4NY033k
His Name Is Wonderful823/4NY073k
How Great Tyou Art824/4NY073k
I Can't Stop Loving You924/4NY053k
If Ever In My Arms844/4NY053k
I Got Rhythm1964/4NY043k
It's Delovely1304/4NY013k
It's Impossible724/4NY013k
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You754/4NY033k
Just The Way You Are1384/4NY063k
Learnin' The Blues1244/4NY033k
Leave A Tender Moment Alone1004/4NY063k
My Heart Will Go On824/4NY023k
My Way804/4NY033k
Of Thee I Sing2004/4NY043k
Oh, Lady Be Good1304/4NY043k
Oh Happy Day1084/4NY073k
Piano Man1204/4NY023k
Red Red Wine964/4NY063k
Return To Sender1204/4NY023k
Send In The Clowns524/4NY063k
Something Beautiful804/4NY073k
Somewhere Green1004/4NY013k
Stairway To Heaven754/4NY063k
Surfer Girl744/4NY023k
Sweet Caroline1304/4NY063k
Sweet Sweet Spirit784/4NY073k
Tears In Heaven864/4NY053k
King Is Coming804/4NY073k
There's Something About That Name864/4NY073k
Tonight I Celebrate My Love664/4NY053k
Until It's Time For You To Go904/4NY053k
We Shall Behold Him864/4NY073k
What A Difference You've Made In My Life804/4NY053k
When I Fall in Love824/4NY033k
When I'm 641364/4NY023k
Wonderful Tonight944/4NY053k
Wonderful World764/4NY013k
You Are So Beautiful784/4NY053k
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life1364/4NY053k
Your Cheatin' Heart1364/4NY013k



Gary's MP3 Song Index (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the jukebox above. The list below is sorted alphabetically by song title. Click on any title to listen to and/or download the song.


Angel Eyes (PSR-3000) 1/24/2010

Father And Son (PSR-3000) 1/29/2011

Forever In Love (PSR-3000) 1/17/2011

Georgia On My Mind (PSR-3000) 2/28/2013

He Touched Me (PSR-3000) 10/25/2010

How Great Thou Art (PSR-3000) 10/17/2010

I Believe Hill In A Hill Called Mt Calvary (PSR-3000) 1/29/2011

Just The Way You Are (PSR-3000) 3/10/2010

The King Is Coming (PSR-3000) 10/25/2010

Leave A Tender Moment Alone (PSR-3000) 3/3/2010

My Tribute (PSR-3000) 11/14/2010

Oh Happy Day (PSR-3000) 9/3/2010

Red Red Wine (PSR-3000) 3/3/2010

Send In The Clowns (PSR-3000) 3/9/2010

Something Beautiful (PSR-3000) 9/12/2010

Stairway To Heaven (PSR-3000) 3/3/2010

Sweet Caroline (PSR-3000) 3/9/2010

There's Something About That Name (PSR-3000) 8/16/2010

Valentine (PSR-3000) 2/9/2010

We Shall Behold Him (PSR-3000) 11/14/2010

What A Wonderful World (PSR-3000) 12/23/2012

You Don't Know Me (PSR-3000) 2/28/2013

You Raise Me Up (PSR-3000) 12/19/2010