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Valentino Rossetti
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(May, 2019) HI! I was born in south Italy 43 years ago. I'm a waiter and, sometimes, a process worker. I'm single right now and never had children.

I do not play for a living but I live to play music. I started at age 6, strumming by ear, jingles and anything else that went through my mind with a sister's Bontempi keyboard. My only "music lesson" was "the hour" of music in elementary school where the teacher taught me "MI SOL SI RE FA, FA LA DO MI" writing the staff on my hand. I never forgot it!

Well, the big surprise for me was when, at about 14 years, a friend gave me a book with chord images. I stayed up all night to learn it and, in the morning, I remember I could play the whole Margherita by Riccardo Cocciante (an Italian songwriter). After that, it's been an "all-you-can-eat" for me about music. I never stopped learning by myself and I started to buy keyboards (I used to call these my girlfriends). I owned many keyboards: Yamaha PSR-500, PSR-5700, PSR-S710, and a Korg PA600. Right now, I am a proud owner of a Yamaha PSR-S770.

In this computer era, I have improved my skills programming songs step-by-step. My taste of music is electronic, but I play any kind of style. In the end, I never performed with an audience but just for friends and relatives but, most of all, just for me! Thanks to this wonderful web site that is making me know beautiful people and thanks to who will appreciate my music, that my real ex girlfriend said is "full of mistakes, but is normal" -- a Tyros 6 would have been better!

Valentino Rossetti
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As A Flower Blossoms

Be My Baby

Hang Up

Last Train Home


Sola Viola Valentino

Valentines Day

Western Eyes


Bang Bang

Foreign Affair

Great Big White World

Karma Police

Machine Gun

Roads Portishead