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Nick Van Zutphen
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E-mail: NickVZ
Queensland, Australia

Nick's Jukebox

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(October, 2016) I am married to Therese, and we have three adult children and five delightful grandchildren.

Originally from The Netherlands, my family relocated to Australia when I was 7 years old. My mother was an opera singer in Holland, and my father was a Radio Technician and Instrument Maker. Dad made his own radios and tape recorders, so there was always lots of music in our home. Most of my family loves music.

Growing up in Australia was very exciting and great fun. My career revolved around the hardware industry and retail, and I was a sales representative for many years in associated industries. Loving music, I got my daughter involved at an early age playing the organ, and she was very gifted. Unfortunately she no longer plays and has gone on to other interests.

Having recently retired, I noticed a Yamaha HS8 Electone for sale in a local thrift shop at a bargain price, so I thought to myself that I would take up playing for myself, and that it would be a great hobby in my retirement. That instrument developed a fault, and I decided to go on the Internet to see how far Yamaha keyboards had progressed. When I saw and heard the Tyros 4, I was just amazed at the sounds, styles and possibilities of the instrument and being able to sound like whole bands, orchestras and voices.

I absolutely love my new hobby, and am now composing some of my own music, which I find very rewarding (and my long-suffering lovely wife, Therese, gracefully endures my practice time). I play occasionally at the local Ex-Servicemen's Club, and have had several of my recordings played on the local radio station. My other passion has been an ongoing love of photography, having been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively (and hope to do more). Its really great to have all those images and memories. Having lived in Sydney for many years, we now live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland - a very beautiful part of the world.

Nick's MP3 Song Index (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Nick's songs are listed below alphabetically by title. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song.


All Out Of Love (PSR-S970) 7/25/2017

Another Day in Paradise (PSR-S970) 7/21/2017

Begin The Beguin (Tyros4) 7/25/2017

Blowing In The Wind (Tyros4) 11/13/2016

Breaking Up Is Breaking My Heart (PSR-S970) 5/22/2017

Bridges Of Paris (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

Celticair © (PSR-S970) 5/22/2017

Celtic Spirit © (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

Chariots Of Fire (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

Chiquechita (Tyros4) 7/25/2017

Close To My Heart © (PSR-S970) 5/23/2017

Come What May (Tyros4) 5/23/2017

Conquest Of Paradise (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

A Day In The Life Of A Fool (PSR-S970) 5/23/2017

Does Your Mother Know (Tyros4) 3/30/2017

Eres tu (Touch The Wind) (Tyros4) 11/14/2016

Forever Autumn (PSR-S970) 3/30/2017

Galveston (Tyros4) 3/30/2017

Green Fields (PSR-S970) 3/30/2017

Groundswell © (Tyros4) 11/14/2016

Hey (PSR-S970) 11/14/2016

High Noon (Tyros4) 5/23/2017

I Have A Dream (Tyros4) 7/25/2017

If You Love Me (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

in A Spanish Mood © (Tyros4) 11/14/2016

Johnny Guitar (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

Just When I Needed You Most (Tyros4) 7/25/2017

The Lonely Bull (PSR-S970) 5/23/2017

The Lonely Shepherd (PSR-S970) 10/2/2016

Love Is In The Air (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

Mammy Blue (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

MASH (Tyros4) 3/30/2017

Memory CATS (Tyros4) 10/2/2016

Midnight in Moscow (Tyros4) 5/23/2017

Moonlight Shadow (Tyros4) 7/25/2017

My Friend The Wind (PSR-S970) 11/14/2016

Paladin (Tyros4) 3/30/2017

Peaceful Easy Feeling (PSR-S970) 11/14/2016

Pied Piper (PSR-S970) 11/14/2016

Quiet Nights Alone © (Tyros4) 11/14/2016

Right Here Waiting (Tyros4) 7/21/2017

The Rose (Tyros4) 5/22/2017

Sahara © (Tyros4) 11/14/2016

Snowy River Medly c (Tyros4) 5/23/2017

Sounds Of Silence (PSR-S970) 3/30/2017

Stairway To Heaven (PSR-S970) 3/30/2017

Stones © (PSR-S970) 3/30/2017

Stranger On The Shore (Tyros4) 5/23/2017

Telstar (Tyros4) 3/30/2017

Thereses Waltz © (Tyros4) 11/14/2016

Titanic Theme (Tyros4) 3/30/2017

Until I Find You Again (PSR-S970) 3/30/2017

Way Out There © (Tyros4) 11/14/2016

When You Walk In The Room (PSR-S970) 7/21/2017

Words (PSR-S970) 7/25/2017

You Raise Me Up (PSR-S970) 5/23/2017

You'll Never Walk Alone (PSR-S970) 7/25/2017