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Jack Williamson
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Garden City, KS

Jack's Jukebox

See MP3 Index (below) to listen to and/or download all of Jack's songs.

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Musical Background

I am married to the love of my life, Doris for 64 years and she supports my many hours  spent on the keyboard. We have two daughters, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Unlike most PSR Tutorial forum performers, I haven't much of a musical background. I've never had any music lessons on any musical instrument. I have always loved to listen to music. 12 or 13 years ago, my twin brother Gene introduced me to my first keyboar, the PSR-740. A couple years ago, we switched to the PSR-S910 and it has been a fabulous trip every since. I will always be grateful for him getting me started on the keyboard.

I play partly by ear but since I can't read music, I use the Hal Leonard EZ Play series of sheet music. Being a forum member, I have learned much from reading questions and comments and listening to performer songs. Many thanks to all the moderators for their hard work to make such a classy forum! Hope you like my music!


Jack's MP3 Song Index (click to open or close)
Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. All of Jack's songs are listed below alphabetically by title. Click on any song title to listen to and/or download the song.


Am I Losing You (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Back Home Again (PSR-S910) 1/25/2016

Best Things In Life Are Free (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Blue (PSR-S910) 11/7/2016

Blue Champagne (PSR-S910) 3/13/2017

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Blue Moon (PSR-S910) 3/18/2016

Blueberry Hill (PSR-S910) 1/25/2016

Can't Help Falling In Love (PSR-S910) 4/29/2016

Carolina In The Morning (PSR-S910) 3/1/2016

Carolina Moon (PSR-S910) 3/18/2016

Crazy (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Cry (PSR-S910) 8/10/2015

Daydream Beliver (PSR-S910) 11/7/2016

Detroit City (PSR-S910) 8/19/2015

Don't Get Around Much Anymore (PSR-S910) 7/20/2015

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (PSR-S910) 4/29/2016

Dream (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Dream A Little Dream Of Me (PSR-S910) 8/10/2015

End Of The World (PSR-S910) 6/2/2016

Engine Engine No.9 (PSR-S910) 4/8/2017

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (PSR-S910) 1/25/2016

A Fool Such As I (PSR-S910) 4/8/2017

Funny How Time Slips Away (PSR-S910) 7/11/2016

Goodnight Sweetheart (PSR-S910) 3/13/2017

Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight (PSR-S910) 3/13/2017

Happy Trails (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Harbor Lights (PSR-S910) 1/25/2016

He'll Have To Go (PSR-S910) 11/7/2016

Hello Dolly (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Help Me Make It Through The Night (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

I Always Get Lucky With You (PSR-S910) 11/7/2016

I Can't Help It If Im Still in Love (PSR-S910) 3/18/2016

I Don't Know Why (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

I Really Don't Want To Know (PSR-S910) 9/13/2015

I'm A Fool To Care (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

I'm Confessin (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

I'm In The Mood For Love (PSR-S910) 9/13/2015

If (PSR-S910) 3/1/2016

In The Mood (PSR-S910) 8/10/2015

It's Been A Long Long Time (PSR-S910) 10/21/2015

It's Four In The Morning (PSR-S910) 4/8/2017

Johnson Rag (PSR-S910) 3/1/2016

Just A Little Lovin' (PSR-S910) 5/25/2017

King Of The Road (PSR-S910) 4/8/2017

La Cucaracha (PSR-S910) 6/2/2016

Love Letters In The Sand (PSR-S910) 3/18/2016

Love Me With All Your Heart 2 (PSR-S910) 7/11/2016

Love Me With All Your Heart (PSR-S910) 3/1/2016

Mame (PSR-S910) 11/25/2015

Memories (PSR-S910) 10/31/2015

Moonglow (PSR-S910) 10/21/2015

Moonlight Serenade (PSR-S910) 4/29/2016

My Happiness (PSR-S910) 7/20/2015

My Heart Cries For You (PSR-S910) 11/25/2015

Nevertheless (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

New York New York (PSR-S910) 8/19/2015

Nobody's Sweetheart Now (PSR-S910) 8/10/2015

Only You (PSR-S910) 10/21/2015

Pennies From Heaven (PSR-S910) 10/21/2015

Please Help Me I'm Falling (PSR-S910) 5/25/2017

Release Me (PSR-S910) 7/20/2015

Riding Down The Canyon (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

San Francisco (PSR-S910) 11/25/2015

Sentimental Me (PSR-S910) 9/13/2015

September Song (PSR-S910) 10/31/2015

Sheik Of Araby (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Side By Side (PSR-S910) 7/20/2015

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (PSR-S910) 11/25/2015

Somebody Stole My Gal (PSR-S910) 9/13/2015

Somewhere My Love (PSR-S910) 11/14/2015

Stardust (PSR-S910) 11/14/2015

Strangers In The Night (PSR-S910) 6/22/2015

Tennessey Waltz (PSR-S910) 11/14/2015

Thanks For The Memories (PSR-S910) 11/14/2015

There Goes My Everything (PSR-S910) 10/31/2015

There I've Said It Again (PSR-S910) 7/11/2016

Third Man Theme (PSR-S910) 3/13/2017

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree (PSR-S910) 11/14/2015

Twilight Time (PSR-S910) 10/31/2015

Unchained Melody (PSR-S910) 10/31/2015

Under The Double Eagle (PSR-S910) 4/29/2016

Vya Can Dios (PSR-S910) 11/25/2015

A Walk In The Black Forest (PSR-S910) 6/2/2016

The Waltz You Saved For Me (PSR-S910) 10/21/2015

What A Wonderful World (PSR-S910) 8/19/2015

Whispering (PSR-S910) 8/19/2015

You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You (PSR-S910) 6/2/2016