At the moment, we have only one newsletter, the PSR Tutorial Monthly Update. This newsletter highlights the resources (lessons, songs, styles, articles, etc) that were added to the PSR Tutorial web site in the last month. The most recent additions are always show in the "Recent Additions" box on the home page, but that does change frequently and it's easy to miss things. If you do not frequent the site daily, you may benefit by a monthly update that alerts you to what has been added that you may be interested in. To sign up, just go to the PSR Tutorial Newsletter Subscribe/Unsubscribe page. Additional information about our newsletter is provided below.

Pro Dada Mail System

I am using the Pro Dada mail system for our newsletter. This provides all the bells and whistles needed to keep us legal and distinguish us from spam. It employs a Closed-Loop Opt-In system that assures that only folks who want the newsletter wind up on the subscription list. In addition, it is easy for subscribers to unsubscribe at any time. If you are ready to get started, cllick on this link to fill out your subscription form right now and sign up. If you'd like to first learn a little bit more about the system, read through the rest of this page for additional information and instructions.

Step 1: Sign Up

The first step in subscribing is to sign-up for the newsletter. A screen shot of the Sign-Up page is shown below. (To get to the actual page, click the link above, or click this link.) Simply enter your e-mail address, which is required, and fill in the other fields on the form. The "Forum ID" is your user ID in the PSR Tutorial Forum, if you have one. Put in only your current keyboard, e.g. 3000, Tyros3, S910. Make sure you have the "Subscribe" button selected and then press the [Submit Your Information] button.

Pro Dada sign up page
Screen shot of the PSR Tutorial Newsletter sign-up page.

Step 2: Verification

Behind the scenes, the system will verify that you have entered a legitimate e-mail address. If will then send off an email message to you to confirm that it was, indeed, you who asked to be on the list. In that message you will be presented with a URL that you must click-on to verify that you do want to be receive the newsletter.

Step 3: Confirmation

Clicking on that link sends a note to the system which will, in turn, send you a final message confirming that you are on the list, showing you the email you are registered with and giving you a password so that you can go back at any time to modify your profile fields (or change your password to something else that you prefer). Save this letter since it has your unique passeord! It also provides you with a link you can use when you want to unsubscribe from the list.

Monthly Updates

I will compose regular monthly updates that summarize all the features added to the site in the previous month, that is, the Newsletter sent out on August 1 will have a summary for July. Everyone on the newsletter list will get that update in their email. Monthly updates are also archived and anyone visiting the Monthly Report Archive Page is able to visit the archive and view current and previous updates. I have placed the report for the first half of 2010 as the first document in that archive.

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