Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are where individuals can meet to post comments and questions and answers to questions from other users. You do not need to participate, you can simply browse the various messages to see what's there and how, in general, the forum works. Each forum tends to take on a life and personality of its own based on the individuals that regularly visit the forum.

The forum list below provides a quick link to some of the more prominent keyboard forums or forums that users may find interesting. If you are new to the various forums, you will find a bit of description of each forum in the larger table below the summary. There you can see all the screens you will encounter when you register and also some examples of how to read messages and post replies.

PSR Tutorial Logo This forum, part of the PSR Tutorial web site, supports all the Yamaha arranger models from the very latest PSR-S910 and Tyros3 to the original PSR2000. This is one of the friendliest and helpful groups of people you are likely to encounter.
PSR Styles Logo This is a place for owners of any PSR keyboard to post their styles and download styles others have provided.  It also has a great discussion forum with hundreds of messages each month.
PSR Songs Logo Download MIDI files created on PSR keyboards.  You can also upload your own creations and share them with other PSR owners.
SynthZone Logo The Synth Zone is the host to many discussion groups of which the General Arranger Keyboard Forum is one of the most popular.  It covers many keyboards and includes professionals who make their livelihood playing arranger keyboards. There is also a separate Yamaha Arranger Keyboard Forum here as well as forums for Korg, Ketron, Roland, etc.
CVP Users Group Logo Whether you are a seasoned musician or a beginner, the CVP Users Group is here to help you with your CVP digital piano questions and projects.
MF01 Muzikantenforum is a forum with enthusiastic musicians from the Netherlands, Belgium, America, Australia and South Africa. We have lots of fun making music together, listening to each other's music and helping each other to make some progress in music. Our language is Dutch, but we can write in English too. (Be free to listen to our music on our podium and jam podium without a membership.)

Muzikantenforum is een forum met enthousiaste muzikanten uit Nederland, Belgie, Amerika, Australie en Zuid Afrika, die samen plezier beleven aan het maken van muziek, elkaars werk beluisteren en elkaar verder op weg helpen. Onze taal is Nederlands maar veel leden kennen Engels. ( Je bent vrij om te luisteren naar onze muziek op ons podium en jampodium zonder lid te worden)

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