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The PSR Tutorial Monthly Update summarizes any additional resources (lessons, styles, songs, articles, etc) added to the PSR Tutorial web site in the past month. This list is an announcement-only list. Please use the PSR Tutorial Forum to initiate or participate in any discussions related to the PSR Tutorial site, its resources, your keyboard, keyboard accessories or related software.

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PSR Tutorial Monthly Update October-December 2015

Sent January 11th 2016

PSR Tutorial Report - October - December '15 Summary This report covers the last quarter of 2015. I did not think there was much going on, but after pulling this report together, I am a bit surprised with all that has been happening. As usual, we had songs contributed by PSR Performers, but we also had songs coming in for the Christmas 2015 Jukebox. The new songs added this past quarter amount to almost half of the new songs we added in 2015! We also have quite a few new styles added, new multipads, new voices, ...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Feb - Sept 2015

Sent September 18th 2015

PSR Tutorial Report - February - September '15 Summary It has been quite awhile since the last PSR Tutorial update. Between major changes in the PSR Tutorial Forum, an attempt to update large portions of the web site, a summer with several trips out of town and a number of weekends with a houseful of visitors, and an effort to produce a new styles collection, the months have just flown by. However, it certainly is time to get a new newsletter out. I did not think there was that much happening on the web site, bu...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Annual Report and Jan 2015

Sent February 1st 2015

PSR Tutorial Report - Annual 2014 & Jan '15 Summary We have had some major changes in January for 2015. But before discussing that, let me take this opportunity to provide a brief summary of what happened on the PSR Tutorial in 2014. 2014 Annual Report Songs Four new PSR Performers joined us in 2014. Mark Chapman, playing the PSR-S710, started in May. Jim Laing, playing on the Tyros3 and Tyros5, was added in June, and in August, Morrie Reece (Tyros5-76) and Roger Brenizer (Tyros4 & Yamaha Electone Org...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Oct-Nov 2014

Sent November 30th 2014

PSR Tutorial Report:  Oct-Nov 2014 Summary I have spent a lot of time working on styles in the past several months so there were no new features added to the site in the Lessons section, nor were there any new Utilities. But we did substantially increase the number of available styles online as well as introduce a new Styles Collection. And, as usual, the PSR Performers continued sending us new songs. Details provided below.... Songs There were 114 songs added in October and November by 15 PSR Performers ...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Message

Sent September 30th 2014

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Message PSR Tutorial Report - July - September 2014 Summary The summer sure has seemed to fly by and it's time for another (quarterly) report. If you've been on vacation and not much at the keyboard, you will find we have added plenty of new songs as well as two new performers, new styles from Onacimus, Jan, and Henni, and new registration files from Jim Laing and Peter (Xenix). Michael Bedesem has updated two of his utilities and released the 2014 version of his Frequently Asked Q...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update April - June 2014

Sent July 1st 2014

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update April - June 2014 Summary Between weddings, vacations, spring gardening and other activities, additions to the PSR Tutorial website slowed down and so I've skipped two "monthly" reports. The report below summarizes activity over the last three months - April, May, and June. We did get some new styles and, as usual, PSR Performers continued to add songs to our MP3 archives. However, there were no new lessons nor new utilities. Things usually slow down during the summer months wi...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update March 2014

Sent March 31st 2014

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update March 2014 PSR Tutorial Report - March 2014 Summary March was a pretty busy month. A dozen performers gave us four dozen new songs. But we also added quite a few new styles, thanks to Onacimus, and new registrations, thanks to Jim Laing. Michael Bedesem updated a utility and launched a new utility and Murray Best released a major upgrade to the Registration Manager. And, as mentioned in the last report, I did add the new Workshops section to the Lessons and there are five new artic...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Jan - Feb 2014

Sent February 28th 2014

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Jan - Feb 2014 PSR Tutorial Report - January - February 2014 Summary Two new data resources are now available - Styles #7-Song Styles and the 2013 Song Collection. Additional song-styles were also added to the site and Onacimus has launched a new conversion project for the PSR-S910. A brand new registration utility is now available and Michael Bedesem updated two of his utilities. Although no new lessons were added, I am about to add a whole new Lessons subsection called "Work...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update October - December 2013

Sent January 11th 2014

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update October - December 2013 PSR Tutorial Quarterly Report: October - December 2013 Summary I had hoped to send out a report at the end of November, but I've been so busy that I missed that date. In fact, the end of December release date was also missed until now. But, quite a few things were keeping me busy. The biggest Yamaha news, of course, was the release of the new Tyros5. Unfortunately, I was not busy trying out the new Tyros5, although I did put add the Tyros5 Styles page to the Sty...

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Message

Sent September 30th 2013

PSR Tutorial Monthly Update Message PSR Tutorial Report - August-September 2013 Summary With October starting tomorrow, summer is clearly over and we can look forward to new things this fall. In particular, the Tyros4 replacement is slated to be introduced in Spain in October. That will surely dominate the news for several months. I'll look forward to adding a new page in the Styles | Yamaha section to cover the new keyboard. I'm sure you will get the latest news by keeping up with events in the PSR Tutorial for...

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