Styles Collection #5


None of the styles in this collection are available on the Styles Library that was introduced in January, 2012.

The full collection includes 14,943 files and requires 590 MB of disk space. The zipped download option uses 10 files and requires 170 MB of disk space.

(18 January 2013). This collection has over 14,500 styles and includes all the styles added to the web site in 2012, some of the style sets provided by forum members, and other style sets new to our archives. Almost all of the styles (99%) include 4 variations. Most of the styles (92%) include OTS.

The styles included in this collection were carefully examined and any exact duplicates were eliminated. The styles were also compared to those in the 4GB USB styles collection and any duplicates with styles in that collection were also eliminated. Note that this does not apply to song-named styles. There are no duplicate song-named styles, but some styles were used for two or more different song titles and these are included.

The collection includes both SFF1 and SFF2 format styles. The SFF2 format styles are used in the newer keyboards (Tyros3/4 and the PSR-S950/S750 and S910/S710). Styles from any one of these keyboards can usually be played on any of the other newer keyboards although, in some cases, the OTS voices may have to be adjusted. But the SFF2 style format can not be used directly in any of the older keyboards. 20 percent of the styles are in this SFF2 format and 80% are in the older SFF1 format. The newer keyboards can read all of these styles, but the older keyboards can only read the SFF1 formats.

The collection includes styles from some of the earliest and latest Yamaha keyboards, some Yamaha expansion pack styles, some converted and others still needing "tuning" to reset OTS that specified expansion pack voices. There are styles specifically for new PSR S950/S750 owners and thousands of styles from other keyboards that have been converted for use on the Yamaha boards. There are also thousands of "song-named" styles for those who prefer to look for their styles by looking for a particular song. To aid in this search, I've tried to edit the song names to more correctly reflect the actual song title where possible.

Plenty of styles in this collection with many "jewels" just waiting for you to discover them!

This page updated on October 4, 2015 .