Song Collection #2


1,800 MP3 files -- all the songs added to the PSR Tutorial site from May of 2011 through October of 2013. This collection fills up an 8 GB USB drive. ($36)

The full collection includes 1,813 files and requires 6.98 GB of disk space. The collection is not available for download but is provided on an 8 GB USB drive.

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There are 1,806 MP3 files in this collection drawn from songs added to the PSR Tutorial web site over a period of about 2 and a half years from May, 2011 through October, 2013.

There is no web interface to this collection. The MP3 files are all songs named after the relevant song title. There are 224 Christmas songs listed alphabetically in the "_Christmas" folder. The other 1,582 songs are in 10 alphabetical folders (A-B, C-D-E, F-G-H, I, J-K-L, M-N, O-P-Q-R, S, T, and U-Z.)

Filenames all include a suffix that includes an abbreviation of the Performers name (generally the perform's initials, e.g. "EM" for Ernie Mulder), and a two-letter abbreviation for the keyboard the song was performed on. Thus, Ernie Mulder's rendition of Ain't She Sweet, recorded on the PSR-3000, has a filename of "Aint_She_Sweet-EM3k." Some of the MP3s are vocals where the performer both plays and sings the song. In many cases, but perhaps not all, a vocal recording is indicated by a "_v" at the end of the song title. The late Gary Diamond's rendition of Always On My Mind, played on the PSR-S950, is named "Always_On_My_Mind_v-GD95". If a song is an original created and copyrighted by the performer, the name will include a "_c" after the song title.


Over 1,767 of the songs in this collection are from the "PSR Performers". The names, and abbreviations, of the 60 performers included in this collection are shown in the table below. You will find brief musical biographies for each of these performers on the PSR Tutorial web site either under the current performers or in the archived performers section.

60 PSR Performers
Abb Performer Abb Performer Abb Performer
AG Alex Green GK Gary Kilby MS Mark Styles
MC Bill McCracken GH Gloria Hanson SC Mike Clarke
CB Chris Bell SG Grant Cantrill MZ Mike Szmania
CH Chuck Hunt JJ James Hunter NS Neal Saunders
CE Clem Ebber GR Janet Griffin OZ Osvaldo De Souza
CK Craig JE Jerry Ernst PA Patricia Harman
DC Dave Church JW Joe Waters AC Patricia Jacobsen
KD David Kennedy FP John Phillips HP Patrick Hannequin
DL David Laplante JV John Vishnoff PE Pedro Eleuterio
HM Deane Peters JH Joseph Hart PG Peter Gasser
DK Del Kay JS Judy Short RN Rocco Noschese
DV Diane Villafane JC Julio Cazes RJ Ron Jubenville
WG Don Valentine KE Kees Schouten RO Royce Mosgrove
EL Eileen Lowry KS Ken Stenzel SR Steen S Rasmussen
EM Ernie Mulder KO Kieth Osborne SH Sunny Haddleton
FA Francisco Albuquerque LT Larry Tyler SD Susie Drage
FT Franco Tancredi LW Larry Warner TA Ton Anthonie
FB Frank Blecha LM Laura Remson Mitchell TG Torben Goldin
GC Gary Coupe LC Lynn Rae Couch UB Udo Becker
GD Gary Diamond MY Manoj Yarashi WZ Wally Zelinski

For many years, the PSR Tutorial has sponsored a "Christmas Jukebox" with holiday songs, not only from PSR Performers, but also from a wide variety of PSR Tutorial Forum members. There are 39 songs, mostly Christmas songs, from an additional 11 contributing artists. Their names and abbreviations are provided in the table below.

11 Contriibuting Artists
Abb Performer Abb Performer Abb Performer
AF Allen Fuller EB Ed Beaty JT2 Joel True
CS Chuck S FS Fred Smith PL Petter Larsen
DA Dave Aho GS Greg Suits WB William Barnard
DN Dave Nuttall JL2 Jill


17 different keyboards are included in this collection. Most of these, of course, are the mid-level and top-level Yamaha arranger keyboards. The Keyboard table below shows the number of songs for each of the major keyboards. Unless you happen to have the very latest Tyros5 models, you will find plenty of songs recorded on your keyboard. With today's excellent boards and voices, you may be surprised at how great the music is on these earlier models!

Major Yamaha Keyboards
Keyboard No. Songs Percent
Tyros4 592 33%
Tyros3 142 8%
Tyros2 91 5%
PSR-S950 116 6%
PSR-S910 225 12%
PSR-S900 261 14%
PSR-3000 215 12%
PSR-2100 23 1%
PSR-2000 69 4%
All Other 47 3%

Song Indexes

A number of documents are included to help you navigate this enormous collection of songs. An Excel file lists the song titles, the performer, the keyboard, and the length (in minutes) of the song. This basic data is also available as a PDF file. Either can be easily viewed on your computer or printed out. Note, however, that the printed copy of this master index will be around 50 pages. The alphabetical index is useful if you want to see if a particular song is available in the collection.

You may be interested in the particular songs provided by each performer or played on each keyboard. PDF files are provided that lists the song data alphabetically by Performer, and alphabetically by Keyboard.

Playing the Songs

Most computers include software that can play an MP3 file. If you have one of the more recent Tyros models, you will be able to play any of these songs on your keyboard. But the easiest method is to load the songs into a music utility like iTunes. The MP3 files include internal song data that indicates the performer and the keyboard and the song title. Loading these into a music database will give you a very large database of songs that can easily be rearranged into whatever play lists you find convenient. In addition, it is usually easy to copy your selected playlists to portable players like an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You can then take hundreds, even thousands, of songs with you wherever you go. There is no easier, or quicker, or more economical way for you to acquire a massive database of digital music.

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