PSR Tutorial 2012 Lessons +


THis 2012 "Lessons" collection replaces the earlier 2011 (and 2010) CD-ROMs, which are no longer available.

The 2012 Lessons + collection includes 34,332 files and requires 1.5 GB of disk space. The compressed version consists of 13 files totaling 752 MB disk space.

Download ($25)

gg(January 2012) Instead of creating a new collection of files for 2012 with the material added to the site in the previous year, I expanded the definition of this "Lessons" collection. This all-purpose grab bag of goodies replaces both the 2011 and the 2010 CD-ROMs, and adds new material (lessons, styles, articles, etc) and updates added to the PSR Tutorial web site in 2011. There weren't a lot of things added in 2011, so if you already have the 2011 CD-ROM and/or the 2011 CD-ROM, you may not need this new collection. But if you are a new user, this is the best choice to get you started. No matter which Yamaha arranger keyboard you own, you will find an incredible amount of useful resources provided in this collection.

If you are comfortable downloading and unzipping files, and you have a fast internet connection, you can download this entire collection in 13 large files, unzip them, and rebuild the original collection of over 34,000 files. If not so comfortable doing all that, simply order one of the available USB drives as well and everything will be copied to your drive, uncompressed and ready to use. When the drive arrives at your door, just plug it into your computer and you have virtually the entire web site available locally on your computer plus thousand of files you can use with your keyboard. Since this collection takes up only 1.5 GB, you could easily add other available collections to your USB drive as well. The 4 GB drives generally have 3.5 GB of available space and the 8 GB drives will have about 7.2 GB of available space.

You access much of the material through a web interface that is almost as large as the whole PSR Tutorial web site since it includes everything on the site except the Performer pages and their MP3 files. The organization of material on the USB drive, however, is a different from the web site. There are five major sections. The descriptions below of each section are taken from the collection "home page".


This section reproduces the lessons available on the PSR Tutorial web site as of January 1, 2012. It includes six sub-sections.

  1. If you are a new user, you will want to begin with the "Start Here" section, which takes you step-by-step through the process of getting your keyboard set up and getting you playing songs.
  2. The "Demos" section mirrors what is available on the main site. I have not included all the videos on this drive, but the links here will take you to YouTube where you can watch the video. You will need a high-speed internet connection to take advantage of these demos.
  3. The "Playing" section helps you understand some basic features of your keyboard you need to understand to use it effectively - the Yamaha file system, the music finder system, how to create registrations, and how to save your songs.
  4. The "Tuning" section helps you understand how you can adjust styles to your liking, create new styles, adjust songs, and even how to use the vocal harmony.
  5. The "Quick Steps" section provides short step-by-step instructions for some basic activities.
  6. Finally, the "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) section takes you to a web version of the popular Word-based document created by Michael Bedesem. Michael regularly adds to and updates these FAQs and the most recent update is available on this USB drive.


There are five major components to the Songs section.

  1. MIDI Files - Over the years, a host of PSR Performers have contributed songs in the form of midi files. There are now 5,600 songs in the archive and they are all available on this drive. In recent years, MP3 files have become more popular and, while they are not included on this drive, they are available on the site or on the Song DVDs that are available separately.
  2. XG MIDI Library - This section has several hundred MIDI files from Yamaha. These titles are normally unique to Yamaha and may not be songs you recognize so they are not included in the alphabetical index. They should be playable on any PSR or Tyros.
  3. Top Songs - Look here for a list of top songs as measured by a variety of yard sticks -- Top 40 hits for each year from 1930 to 1998, Top singles of the year, Top songs of the Century, Top Country Songs, Top Christmas songs, Top Waltzes plus links to additional top song internet sites.
  4. Fake Books - In this section you find brief descriptions of most of the fake books in the U.S. market. Fake books are an ideal source of sheet music for arranger keyboard players.
  5. FB Song Index - Fake books can have hundreds of songs, but if you're looking for that one particular song, how do you find it? Well, you just check the Fake Book Song Index. This section contains a listing of over 12,000 songs, listed alphabetically, taken from 50 different fake books. Each song shows a list of all of the fake books in which this song appears.


The Styles section has, of course, style files. But it also includes other files you will find useful on your keyboard - multipads, registrations, voice files, and music finder databases. Below is a brief description of the Styles subsections.

  1. Styles - In the last few years there have been 16,000 styles added to the PSR Tutorial web site. They are available on this USB drive, uncompressed and ready to use. The styles are in the "Files-Styles" folder. You can load any of the styles there directly in your keyboard by plugging in this USB drive. Note however, that some styles are in the new SFF2 format and these will not be directly playable on keyboards earlier than the TYros3.
  2. MFDs - The Music Finder Database (MFD), like preset styles, is saved in the firmware of the keyboard and can never be erased. However, the database can be modified, records edited, deleted, or added, and new versions of the database saved in the USER, USB, or HD areas. Additionally, new databases can be loaded and can replace the current MFD. MFDs are keyboard specific, but you will find databases in the "Files-MusicFinder" folder for a variety of keyboards.
  3. Multi Pads - The Multipad files should work on all the various PSR and Tyros keyboards since they are, essentially, a variant of the style files. There are over 3,000 multipads available in the "Files-MultPad" folder.
  4. Regist - Registration files, which save a whole host of internal settings of the keyboard, are specific to the keyboard used to create the registration file. Therefore, we provide separate registration pages for PSR-2000, PSR-3000, Tyros1/2/3, and PSR-S910.
  5. Voice files may work across machines, but they may not sound exactly like they did on the original keyboard. If you want to try out different voices, you'll find 8,000 of them in the "Files-Voices" folder.

Learning Center

Lots of reading material here - available in 5 subsections.

  1. Articles - Here are some tips that are provided for new (or not so new) players.
  2. Projects - "Projects" are activities you may undertake as a PSR/Tyros owner, such as replacing a floppy disk drive, installing a hard drive, building a super-strong music rack, or building your own speaker housing for gigging.
  3. Pro Clinic - Here are a series of "discussions" from the "pros" that deal with questions any current or prospective entertainer would be interested in.
  4. Chords - Here you find 39 lessons that teach you the basics of chords and chord progressions.
  5. Manuals - Here are links to the Owners Manual and other documents (pdf files) for all of the latest Yamaha keyboards. The pdf files can be found in the "Files-Manuals" folder.


There are many programs available that will help Yamaha keyboard owners manage the files (midi files, style files, etc) that are used with their keyboards. Some of these utilities are on this drive. Links to additional useful utilities are also provided in this section.

File Structure

While you can access many of the files through the browser, you can also simply browse the collection (on your hard drive or on the USB drive) to find the material included.

  • Midi Songs - The "S" folder holds all of the PSR Performer midi files. While the midi index page can be used to find songs by song name, within the "S" folder songs are grouped by PSR Performer in subfolders named after the PSR Performer. Within a performer's folder are all of the midi songs by that performer. Performer folders are identified by a 2-letter abbreviation as shown in the table below. Where performers had a lot of songs, several folders may be shown, for example BB-1 and BB-2 are used to hold all of Bob Boyd's 300 midi files. I've limited the number of songs in a folder so that the folder could be loaded into your keyboard.
  • Yamaha Midi - The midi files from Yamaha are found in several subfolders within the "Yamaha" folder, which is located within the "songs" folder.
  • Styles - All of the styles are found in files and sub-folders located in the "Files-Styles" folder. The other files available on this USB drive are located in the other "Files-xxx" folders.
  • Utilities - Utility files are provided in a "zipped" format or as "exe" files. Within the "util" folder, look in the "zips" folder within "MB" to find all of the Michael Bedesem utility programs. The other utility files are found in the "zips" folder within "util".
  • Manuals - There are quite a few Yamaha manuals provided on this drive. You will find them in the "Files-Manuals" folder. Manuals are available for the Tyros4, PSR-S910, Tyros3, PSR-S900, Tyros2, and PSR-3000.
  • Other Folders - All of the folders on the USB drive are utilized by the "web" interface you are using right now and are needed for the web pages to work correctly. However, if you were to copy the entire drive to a separate folder on your hard drive, the web interface would continue to work, but all the files from the USB drive would be required. Note that the "css", "images", "Library", "Scripts", "SpryAssets", and "Templates" folders are used by the mini-web and do not include any data for your PSR or Tyros keyboard.

The web pages are meant to be viewed on your computer as are things like the pdf manuals. Files meant to be used on your keyboard are in the various "Files-xxx" folders. These, of course, can be copied to a separate USB drive for use in your Yamaha keyboard.

There is an enormous amount of material provided in this collection of files. The lessons, articles, projects, and other material you find were developed over many years and it will take you a long time to explore it all. If you are new to Yamaha keyboards, don't expect to learn everything in just a few days. Owners who have had their keyboards for years are still learning new things and even they will find lots of useful material here.

This page updated on February 2, 2015 .