by Michael Bedesem

Download Instructions:


  • Use Start/Control Panel/Uninstall and remove all exiting versions.
  • Download the styleplayer fullpackage (version 1.4.1).
  • Unzip to an empty folder.
  • Right click on Setup.exe and select Run as Administrator. When prompted, please accept the default file location, and do not allow replacing newer files with older ones.

Then, update to the latest version:

  • Download the styleplayer_update package (version 1.6.0).
  • Unzip to an empty folder.
  • Copy the files to the C:\Program Files\StylePlayer folder. When prompted, please allow the operating system to replace older files.

Note: This program plays Yamaha Format 1 style files from the Tyros 2 and earlier instruments. For Format 2 files from Tyros 3 or later, use MidiPlayer 2. StylePlayer is similar to the style playing capability of MidiPlayer, but offers some additional flexibility.


small StylePlayer screenshot

Click on image for a larger view.

Selection of Play characteristics.

You can choose which section (Main B, Main C, etc.) of the style to play, which track(s) (Bass, Chord 1, etc.), if any, that you wish to mute, reproduction of major or minor chord, or a single play or continuous repeat. A PC volume control is provided for adjusting the playback loudness from the PC’s sound card.

Transposition and other corrections.

Style tracks are often programmed in keys other than CMaj (e.g. Gbm7 (b5)) and receive additional processing as specified by the CASM parameters when the style is loaded into and played on a PSR. StylePlayer emulates this processing so that the sound, especially when played via midi on a PSR, is very similar.

For those that want to know more about what’s inside the program, StylePlayer corrects for Source Chord/Chord Type, Destination Track, Note High and Low Limit, and the scale/chord tone rules for Bass/Phrase, and Chord/Pad.

Display of Stylename, Copyright, File Size, Tempo and Time Signature.

The Stylename is the name that is visible in the instrument’s display. It is different from the filename and often contains useful information about the characteristics/intended use of the style. The copyright, if any, is shown in the same box. These and the tempo and time signature are for information only; they cannot be changed.

Adjustment of Style volume.

Some styles, especially those converted from other instruments often sound too loud on a PSR/Tyros. StylePlayer includes a volume control that indicates the average volume of the style and permits scaling the volume controller events for all channels and all sections simultaneously.

Adjustment of Style tempo.

If desired, you can change the tempo of the style.

Save to disk and Add to Floppy functions for making copies of a style after auditioning and/or adjusting the volume.

This page updated on September 5, 2016.